I'm Lisa, pleased to meet you!

Lisa, 24 January
Lisa and William welcome you to Fish & Fun!
Lisa and William welcome you to Fish & Fun!

My name is Lisa and I’m the village hostess. I live with my dog William in a small yellow cabin at the very top of the hill on which the village stands.

Me and my father established Fish & Fun in 2012 when we bought an old abandoned camping with caravan area. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We spent our first year cleaning out the territory, renovating old cabins, as well as building four new cabins and a big sauna.

I’ve been working at Fish & Fun for five years now. Every autumn I lived and studied industrial design in a small city of Kouvola and every May I packed my stuff and moved to the village for the whole summer. This was like that until last Christmas when I graduated from university, packed everything and left for a simpler life in the nature. So this winter is my first full winter in the village.