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Fish & Fun

Fish & Fun Holiday Village is located in Pertunmaa—one of the best holiday destinations of Finnish Lakeland.

The village stands on the northern shore of picturesque Keskinen. Its lake system goes kilometers left and right from the village. Keskinen lake is rich with fish. Its clean waters are perfect for swimming, boat trips, and canoeing.

Lake Keskinen in summer.
Lake Keskinen in summer.

We have 2 cottages and 8 cabins for rent, big evening sauna, cafe with sunny terraces, and two grill huts called cota. Near the lake there is a small traditional lake sauna, a bonfire, a children’s playground, a sandy beach and a big grill shack.

Kettu cabin
Kettu cabin

Stay and relax in our comfortable cottages and cabins. Explore pristine lakes by boat, canoe or kayak. Forest trails await for you. Savor the fresh air. Enjoy traditional sauna, and have a nourishing breakfast in our cafeteria!

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Kaislantie 1–6, 19260 Paaso, Pertunmaa