Fish & Fun Holiday Village is a small cozy holiday village located in Pertunmaa — one of the best holiday destinations of Finnish Lakeland.

The Village is a perfect place for weekend escapes from the city, vacations to explore the region, nomad living in the suburbs, family gatherings and small events. Our accommodation are also great for business travel and for workers accommodation on the project works.

Fish & Fun Holiday Village was established in 2014 when abandoned camping, thriving through early 70´s- late 90´s, was bought and restored. The Village opened its doors for guests in 2015 after new modern log cottages with big sauna were build and several old log cabins and common facilities were restored.

The Village is situated on the northern shore of lake Keskinen, which stretches for kilometers in both directions from the village. The pristine waters of Lake Keskinen provide an ideal setting for activities such as swimming, boat trips, kayaking, and canoeing.

During the summer months, one can indulge in fishing, cycling, and hiking along the forest trails, as well as engage in berry and mushroom picking or outdoor games. On our land you can find a bonfire, playfield, sandy beach and a big grill shack near the lake. On the play field you can play different games and do tai chi or yoga.

Coffee shop Muikku is open

June 3 - August 30

Tue - Sat 10 am - 5 pm

Sun - Mon CLOSED


Kaislantie 1–6, 19260 Paaso, Pertunmaa


+358 40 4869449



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