We serve breakfasts and dinners at our coffeehouse. We have 8 seats inside and 20 more on a summer terrace in summertime with a beautiful view.

Our menu includes a variety of seasonal dishes. We buy fresh organic strawberries, greens and vegetables from local organic farms. We serve farm meet, local fish and game.


Fr.- Sat. from 7.00 till 10.00
  • Full English (fried or scrambled eggs with bacon or sausages, beans and toast) (LF) € 15
  • Full Finnish (bread, butter, boiled egg, cheese, ham and jam)15 €

Please note, that dinner and breakfast are served upon table reservation only. The next day reservations are taken not later than 8 pm the day before. If you want to request breakfast of dinner please write us a message We have vegetarian, lactose and gluten free options too.

Coffee stand

Chill area