Village Life

Trout pond 2019

Dmitry, 15 May

Trout pond is resting this Summer 2019 due to hot weather conditions.

Fishing pond at Fish & Fun.
Fishing pond at Fish & Fun.

Fishing With Fish & Fun in 2017

Dmitry, 26 June

More and more fisherman targeting trophy fishing are coming to Fish & Fun, the holiday village located right by the picturesque Keskinen lake. We’d like to satisfy their hopes. For that reason we decided to widen our reach: this year we are renting a 100-horsepower Yamantie right near the city center of Kotka, near the Maretarium.

There is a direct outlet to the Baltic sea from that bay, so a good catch is a given. You can catch pike, zander, or perch using a spinning rod there. If you bring the boat to one of the many small islands in the area and you happen to find a good place, you can also expect eel, bream, ide, or tench.

Near the pier there are two summer cafes, where you can sit down, eat something, or drink a glass of beer after good day of fishing. You can also visit the Maretarium with your kids, or visit a souvenir store. Right near the place is a great shoreline with many benches. Kotka is a cozy town with many historical buildings, monuments, parks, and shops.

We are renting a second pier in Heinola for a 50-horsepower Silver motorboat. This year the pier we are renting is closer to the town center. Ruotsalainen and Konivesi lakes, as well the Kymijoki river, are rich with fish.

There is also a sportfishing zone near the railroad bridge and the Fishing Paradise island. You can catch salmon, trout, whitefish and grayling there. Keep in mind that you need a separate sportfishing license to fish in that area, along with your standard fishing license.

The Fishing Season 2017 Is Open!

Dmitry, 23 May
The fishing season is open!
The fishing season is open!

This year the spring was unusually long and cold. The ice on top of our lakes stayed there through the end of April, and strong winds pushed it around, breaking all piers (see our previous blog post). In the beginning of May, we put all our piers back into condition.

During the rare days when it was sunny, the pike was migrating to their spawning spots near the shore. Other fish did not spawn for quite some time due to the cold water.

At first, we tried fishing with a spinning rod, but it wasn’t going too well. We only managed to catch four pikes and two whitefish in 2 days.

The whitefish were quite a surprise though, since we usually catch them in November, when water temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius. It seems that whitefish’s eating habits changed because of the cold water in the beginning of May.

But true fisherman never give up. A warm summer and a great catch are expected.

Hiking Tips for Autumn and Winter

Lisa, 7 October
Winter hiking on the lake.
Winter hiking on the lake.

Going for an afternoon hike can be a great way relax and connect with the nature. To make sure everything goes as planned and nothing catches you off guard, use these tips to prepare for your upcoming hike.


How do I dress?

The way you need to dress for hiking largely depends on the conditions you’re going to be hiking in, so make sure to always check the weather forecast beforehand.

Starting from October, the weather gets colder, and temperatures can already drop below zero. So, make sure to:

  • Dress in layers. You can remove some of the layers if it gets hot and put them back on when you need extra warmth.
  • Wear fabrics that wick away moisture while keeping you warm. A good example of such a fabric is poyester fleece.
  • Wear a warm insulating jacket or a coat. The temperatures can reach below –20 °C during the winter, so bring a very thick jacket or coat to protect you from the harsh cold.
  • When the ground get colds and covered with snow during the winter, you’ll need winter boots with thick soles and insulating lining.
  • Take gloves with you, as they are a must when the temperatures drop below 10 °C. When it’s get especially cold, wear thick winter gloves or mittens.


What do I need to take with me on a hike?

Here’s a checklist of the essentials you’ll need to bring with you:

  • A fully-charged phone. You can use maps on your phone to find your way around.
  • A power bank in case your phone runs out of power.
  • A map and a compass. It’s an old-fashioned way to find your way around, but it sure works!
  • Water or thermo flask with hot tea or coffee.
  • Snacks to help you keep your energy high. Bananas, nuts, and dried fruits make great healthy snacks.
  • Matches.
  • Sausages to cook on fire.
  • A flashlight, especially during the fall and winter when days get very short.
  • Use hand cream and lip balm to help your skin deal with the cold.

Our Fleet Is Ready

Lisa, 25 May

May is warmer than usual this year, and we put our boats on the water. We pressure washed them, serviced outboard motors, and charged batteries in our motorboats.

Boats are clean and ready.
Boats are clean and ready.

We have two canoes, eight rowing boats, and three outboard motors for them. We have enough life jackets for all clients, including children.

Two motorboats are available for trips with our fishing guide: Yamarine 560C with a 100 hp engine, and Faster 460C with a 50 hp engine.

The guide can take you to good fishing spots, help you with fishing equipment, and assist when landing a big fish. The guide can also clean and smoke your catch. We organize day fishing trips on lake Ruotsalainen with a BBQ on an island.

Faster 460C with a 50 hp engine.
Faster 460C with a 50 hp engine.

From a Bird’s Eye View

Lisa, 20 April

Last year, our guests from Hong Kong shot a flyover at Fish & Fun. We loved the video, and wanted to share it with you. From a bird’s eye view, you can see the beautiful Kuhajarvi lake, our cottages, and the green forest around them.