The lake where the Village located is called Kuhajarvi and it is rich with various types of fish: white fish, trout, zander, bream, burbot, pike, perch and many others. The Holiday Village has own 200 meters of shore line and adjacent waters, four piers, sandy beach.

Fishing on Keskinen.
Fishing on Keskinen.

Fishing Equipment

Available for Rent
  • Rowing boat 20 € per day
  • Canoe rent 20 € per 2 hours / 30 € per day
  • Kayak rent 10 € for 2 hours / 15 € per day
  • Spinning rod 5 € per day
  • Motor Suzuki 2,5 30 € per day
  • Motorboat Silver 30 € per hour
  • Motorboat Yamarin 50 € per hour
Boats at Fish & Fun.
Boats at Fish & Fun.

Fishing Guide

Our experienced skipper can take you for a whole day fishing at Ruotsalainen and Konivesi lakes (50 € per hour including fuel) or show best spots at our lake Kuhajarvi (40 € per hour).

Pike from Keskinen.
Pike from Keskinen.

Fishing License

Fishing License is Mandatory in Finland

Lure fishing with one rod is free of charge for people aged under 18 or over 64. Other types of fishing always require fishing licenses. For fishing with spinning rod, fly fishing or fishing with nets and traps and other standing tackle and to catch crayfish it is necessary to buy a license (regional, local or fly fishing license).

You can buy fishing license in any R-Kioski, Online, or on the reception of our Holiday Village.

Keskinen lake is rich with fish.
Keskinen lake is rich with fish.

Fishing Tours

Fly Fishing

  • Kyykoski Rapids: 5 hours, from 300 €
  • River Kymijoki: day trip. 1–4 persons from 750 €, 5–8 persons from 1150 €
  • Kyykoski Rapids: day trip, from 500 €

Fishing trip to the Baltic Sea

  • 950 € for 5 hours
  • Add 100 € per hour for longer trips

All Trips Include

  • A fishing boat with a fishing guide
  • Fishing equipment (own equipment may also be used)
  • Fishing clothing
  • Coffee, beverages and snacks
Fishing on Kymijoki.
Fishing on Kymijoki.

Trout pond

For our young guests and easy fishing lovers there is a small pond full of rainbow trout. If you want to catch the trout, get in touch with staff at Fish & Fun. We will assist you, and measure your catch.

Fishing pond at Fish & Fun.
Fishing pond at Fish & Fun.

Rainbow Trout

15 € per Kilo

Fresh rainbow trout from our pond. Every year at the end of May we release rainbow trout to the pond. Trout comes from a fish farm near Mikkeli. All fish is healthy and grown in perfect conditions.

Cleaning and Cooking the Fish

15 € per Fish

We can clean and cook the fish you caught at the lakes or at the pond. Your choice: smoked with herbs in a smoking oven, or make a traditional fish soup.

Trout from the fishing pond.
Trout from the fishing pond.
Morning catch.
Morning catch.